Comindware Business Application Platform

The current trend in the development of BPM systems is the desire to use tools with minimal programming needs. This approach makes it possible for end users quickly respond to changes in the organization's processes, develop the system and make changes without mass training of personnel. The tools of implementing this approach are low-code platforms.

One of the representatives of systems built on the basis of the low-code platform is Comindware and its product - Comindware Business Application Platform.

The key advantage of the product is the ability to create digital solutions and quickly and simply change their business logic in the future mainly by business analysts, with minimal involvement of IT specialists.

Among the solutions developed on the platform are sales management (Customer Relationships Management), tasks and assignments, work with suppliers (Supplier Relationship Management), as well as data management (Master Data Management), IT Service Management (IT Service Management) and many other process applications.

Comindware BAP

The low-code platform from Comindware is chosen as the foundation of digital transformation by leading companies in the oil and gas industry, construction organizations, banks and insurance companies, medical enterprises, as well as government agencies. The platform is widely used for business management in order to ensure stable quality of processes, goods and services provided, their compliance with customer requirements and regulatory documents.

The main components of the platform include:

  • The system of development and execution of corporate applications - analysts without programming skills can independently, with a mouse, develop a prototype of a future application for automating business processes or any other business management task, test its operation and proceed to implementation. Programmers are involved only to create a specific part of the business logic. A large set of ready-made visual elements allows you to create ergonomic and functional end-user web interfaces.
  • Business process management - Comindware Business Application Platform provides a complete set of tools for creating web forms, modeling business processes in BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), their execution, monitoring and optimization.
  • Tasks, assignments and cases management - the platform supports case management and allows you to automate unconventional work that is difficult to formalize in the form of business processes. The business is focused on the result when working with cases, and the process of achieving it clarifies along the way. The tasks generated by both cases and processes fall into a single list, which gives a complete picture of the employee's workload and ensures effective management of human resources across the organization. Useful and applicable knowledge is accumulated in the form of "best practices” and well-established process routes, which you can transform into executable business processes without losing data and context during the execution of the case.
  • Executable architecture - provides an opportunity to design the process architecture of the enterprise, which visualizes the relationship of business processes to each other and linking them to specific goals. Business processes and process architecture are designed in a single environment. Processes are implemented and executed in the same environment. It ensures that the executed processes exactly match the developed business architecture of the enterprise.
  • Corporate Social Network - a corporate social network is integrated into the platform for effective interaction within the framework of business processes, tasks and projects. It provides the exchange of knowledge and documents, group discussions and ensures the safety of the working context of communications.

The use of Comindware Business Application Platform provides flexibility and speed of adaptation of the IT system to changing business requirements. This is achieved by using a graph database (ElasticData), the capabilities of which are many times superior to relational databases used in traditional BPM systems.

The main advantages of Comindware Business Application Platform include:

  • the ability to quickly implement a pilot project for an objective assessment of the advantages of the platform (you can order a prototype solution);
  • ease of implementation;
  • minimum possible costs for support and development of solutions;
  • the ability to expand functionality and adapt processes without blocking user access to the system;
  • flexible data management;
  • business process management by managers and analysts, not programmers (Low-code concept);
  • support for structured and unstructured forms of work, as well as a variety of their combinations;
  • interface at the level of the best examples of online services and support for social interaction.