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Laboratory accreditation

Accreditation of the testing laboratory

Accreditation of the analitycal laboratory

Rossaccreditation criteria Explanation

Laboratory quality system

Laboratory documentation

Laboratory personnel

Laboratory equipment

Procurement management

Risk and opportunity management

Laboratory QMS package

Construction laboratory QMS package

Accreditation of the sertification body

Accreditation criteria Explanation s.p. 6-14

Accreditation criteria Explanation s.p. 14.1-14.7

Accreditation criteria Explanation s.p. 14.8-14.10

Accreditation criteria Explanation s.p. 14.11-14.16

QMS automation

Business process management

BPM systems

Comindware BAP

Business process modeling

CASE tools




Rational Rose


OptimaSofr process manager

Business Studio

Process automation

CRM systems

Application CRM system in QMS

Zoho CRM




Microsoft Dynamics CRM

ERP systems

OLAP systems

Electronic document management systems

QMS documentation

Documentation structure

Quality policy

Quality policy example

Quality objectives

Quality objectives example

Quality manual

Example. Part 1

Example. Part 2

Example. Part 3

Example. Part 4

Example. Part 5

Example. Part 6

Example. Part 7

Documentation management

Example of the documentation management procedure

Control of records

Example of the records management procedure

Nonconforming product

Example of the nonconformance product procedure

Corrective actions

Example of the corrective actions procedure

Preventive actions

Example of the preventive actions procedure

Internal audit

Example of the internal audit procedure

Process map

Example of the process map

Quality plan

QMS analisys

Procedure example

Example of the qms analysis protocol

Personnel management

Procedure example

Concept of development

ISO 9000 standards

ISO 9000 purpose

ISO 9000 development

Principles of standards

ISO 9000 structure

ISO 9001:2008 differences

Section 1-3

Section 4-6

Section 7

Section 8

ISO 9001:2015 DIS

Section 0-3 Explanations

Section 4 Explanations

Section 5 Explanations

Section 6 Explanations

Section 7 Explanations

Section 8 Explanations

Section 9 Explanations

Section 10 Explonations

ISO 9001:2015 differences

Sections 1-6

Sections 7-8

Sections 9-10

ISO 9001 2015 training

Inductry versions

Aerospace industry

AS9100:2009 differences

Sections 1-3

Sections 4-6

Section 7

Section 8


Agrycultural industry

Automotive industry


JCI standards

ISO 13485:2003


SRO standards

Eurocodes in construction

Oil and gas industry

Food industry


ISO 22000

ISO 14001:2014 DIS

Organization environmental

QMS audit

QMS audit concept

Types of QMS audit

Audit stages

Audit documentation

Audit plan. Example

Audit programm. Example

Audit checklist. Example

Audit meeting protocol. Example

Nonconformance protocol. Example

Audit report. Example

Audit technique

Audit in construction

SRO check

Audit of the construction organizations

Audit of the design organizations

Quality control in construction

Construction inspection

Follow-on in construction

Follow-on documentation

Follow-on service

Design control

Land measuring control

QMS inplementing

QMS implementing stages

QMS training

Top management

Internal auditors

Documentation development

Change management

Staff motivation

QMS sertification

Quality tools



Pareto chart

Scatter diagram

Ishikawa chart

Check sheet

Control chart

Affinity diagram

Relationship diagram

Tree diagram

Matrix diagram

Activity network

Prioritization matrix

Process decision program chart


FMEA analisys

Quality function deployment. Part 1

Quality function deployment. Part 2

Quality function deployment. Part 3

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