Project objective

ISO 9000, quality system, quality management, quality assurance, certification Ц the number of companies addressing this issue are growing. Managers and specialists need information that will be applicable to the work.

The purpose of this project is to provide the necessary information on these issues and to help people develop and implement a quality management system.

Quality systems based on ISO 9001 are popular all over the world. The information of this project includes knowledge about quality systems development, implementation, audit and certification.

Structure and scope of this project

The website provides information on the following areas:

About quality

This section provides an overview of the different quality methodologies Ц TQM, Benchmarking, Kaizen, Just in time and more. It is also contains the basic terminology of quality management and useful links.


Accreditation is one of important issue of quality. This section presents some information about accreditation for testing and analytical laboratory and certification bodies. There are topics on Russian Federation Accreditation system, quality management for testing laboratory, applying accreditation criteria in certification bodies.

QMS automation

Automation makes it possible to manage quality management system more easily. This section includes information about computer automated system like BPM, CRM, ERP, CASE, OLAP, EDM. There are examples software for each type of systems.

Documentation of QMS

Section associated with the documentation of the QMS contains information on the main documents of the quality system - quality policy, quality objectives, quality manual, quality system procedures, process maps, quality records. It is considered the purpose of these documents, rules of development and responsibility for the creation of documents. There are examples for some of them here.

ISO 9000 standards

This section includes information about key standards of quality system Ц ISO 9000:2015, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9004:2009 and other standards of this series. It contains stages of development series 9000 detailed description, explanation of eight principles of quality management, information about quality standards for various areas of industry.

QMS audit

Audit enables to evaluate condition of quality system. This section presents information about quality management system audit, the aim of audit, audit stages, types of quality audit and interested parties of quality audit. There are examples of audit documentation here.

Implementing QMS

This section includes information about stages of project for quality system implementation, recommendations for employee training, actions for the development of documentation. It also includes information about quality tools (seven basic tools of quality, seven new tools of quality, quality function deployment, failure modes and effects analysis) and more.

Training courses

Training of personnel is a key issue for design, construction and implementation of the quality system. This section presents management systems and various management methodologies courses from our project partners.