Benchmarking technique

The main feature of many enterprises is their closeness and non-publicity. The main benchmarking principle is the availability of information. Hence, there is a problem that many methods do not solve. How to get information if it is not given?

The main part of the information on benchmarking techniques is a general description of the benchmarking stages. The use of this information at the enterprises is difficult, because it requires refinement and adaptation to the conditions of enterprise specifics.

The practical application of benchmarking by medium and small companies remains unclaimed. Benchmarking is used by large companies, mostly. It is quite difficult to find adequate and practical benchmarking techniques in publicly available sources.

There is interest in benchmarking techniques, despite this. The interest in adapted and workable benchmarking methods is shown by specialists who are tasked with finding suitable methods to improve the efficiency of the company. A comprehensive methodology can be useful for writing practical papers on benchmarking.

The use of a comprehensive, adapted methodology will eliminate the transformation time of theoretical information into a practical methodology. It will shorten the adaptation period of benchmarking technique to the enterprise specifics.

A comprehensive benchmarking technique allows:

  • perform benchmarking with minimal time and effort;
  • collect only useful information for comparison;
  • establish links with benchmarking partners;
  • get objective benchmarking results;
  • identify methods to improve work efficiency.

The benchmarking technique is a methodology compiled taking into account the specifics of enterprises. It contains actions that can be performed to overcome their closeness.


The application of the methodology is described step by step. Each step has practical value and is provided explanations. The methodology includes the forms and samples of documents necessary for the work.

The benchmarking technique has been prepared based on the experience of working with many companies.

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