The Russian Federation Government Quality Award

The Russian Federation Government Quality Award was established in 1996. This is national award. The purpose of this Award is to encourage domestic enterprises and organizations to improve the quality of their products, services and efficiency of management systems.

The competition winning increases the organization public image, helps to strengthen its reputation, attract new customers and partners. The award winners have the right to apply the award mark on the advertising materials and organization documents.

The Russian Quality Award is based on the European Quality Award. The modern version of the RF government quality award repeats the EFQM excellence award. The Russian Award is based on the same criteria and rules for organizations evaluating.

Any organization can participate in the competition of Russian Federation Government quality award if it operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. All organizations are divided according to the number of employees.

There are three categories of competitors in total:

  • up to 250 people;
  • from 250 to 1000 people;
  • over 1000 people.

The award is held every year. The Russian Quality Award provides for several winners in comparison with EFQM award. The prize-winners and diploma-winners of the award are determined based on the results of the competition. The prize-winners of the award can re-participate in the competition only after five years. The diploma-winners can participate in the award for the next year as the other organizations (on a general basis).

The order of participation in the RF government's quality award is similar to the order of participation in the EFQM Excellence Award. The organization must apply for participation in the award. The organization must give the request in order to participation in the award. It conducts self-assessment activities according to the award criteria and submits a report to the award committee. The committee's experts evaluate the reports and select the reports with the highest number of points. Onsite assessment is carry out after that. The best organizations are selected based on the assessment results. These organizations are become prize-winners of the award.

The RF government quality award model contains 9 criteria. These criteria are divided into two groups – the "enablers" and the "results", as well as in the EFQM model. Each of the criteria is divided into a number of sub-criteria.

The Russian Federation Government quality award criteria are shown in the figure.

RF Government award criteria

The maximum number of points is thousand points. Five hundred points are awarded for the "enablers" group and five hundred points for the "results" group.

More detailed information on the Russian Federation Government quality award can be found on the VNIIS website.