Lean production books

Lean manufacturing remains one of the most popular approaches to improving the activities and quality of the organization's work. This approach finds application in more new fields of activity. Many companies are trying to apply it in their work. Interesting publications appear in the business literature on the topic of lean manufacturing more and more, as a result. Some of the popular and interesting publications are presented on this page.

Продажа товаров и услуг по методу бережливого производства

This book by famous authors James Wumek and Daniel Jones gives a new look at the sale of services and goods. They propose to build a business so that the customer does not waste his time and money getting a product or service. The book presents readers with an approach that can be called lean consumption.

The authors show how to increase efficiency in the consumption process with the help of lean production methods: optimize your business, reduce customer waiting time, reduce travel, increase customer satisfaction.

The book will be useful to anyone who is interested in optimizing activities, methods of improving work, lean manufacturing tools and their application to the processes of selling goods and providing services.

Бережливое производство. Формула эффективности

This is a Russian author book on lean manufacturing. The book was published in 2013 and is an educational and methodological guide for readers interested in lean production methods. The book describes what lean manufacturing is, how this concept originated, and what basic principles it includes. Also, the book contains a description of the main methods and tools of lean manufacturing.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers who are beginning to study lean manufacturing. This publication will help them to learn the basic ideas of this approach to improving their activities.

Бережливое производство. Как избавиться от потерь и добиться процветания вашей компании

The book is part of a special series of books for managers. The authors explain how companies can significantly increase their productivity through the lean manufacturing approach developed by Toyota. At the heart of this approach is the creation of value for the customer.

The first part of the book describes the basic concepts of this approach and provides examples of well-known companies implementing lean manufacturing. The second part of the book provides a detailed action plan for the use of lean production. This action plan is based on studies of the use of lean manufacturing in fifty large companies, including such well-known as Pratt & Whitney, Porsche and Toyota. The third part of the book is dedicated to the application of lean production in various fields of economic activity, from travel to construction and healthcare.

The book will be interested to a wide range of readers - middle and top managers, and people who interested in improving activities.

Инструменты бережливого производства. Мини-руководство по внедрению методик бережливого производства


The book gives a general idea of the concept of lean manufacturing and the main tools of this concept. Information about the tools is given very briefly. The book provides information on the 5S system, just-in-time, Kanban, Value stream mapping, Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), error prevention, etc.

This book will be of interest to readers who are starting to study lean manufacturing and are just getting acquainted with the tools of this approach.



Основы бережливого производства. Путеводитель по самой эффективной в мире системе производства

This book was written by a practicing specialist in lean manufacturing, so it discusses many practical issues of the application of lean manufacturing. The author considers the enterprise as a "house" of lean production and explains the work of production and the application of the Lean concept from this point of view.

The main issues include: a comprehensive look at the Toyota production system, the origins and basic principles of lean production, the goals of lean production, solving practical problems with the help of lean manufacturing, measures to support elements of the lean manufacturing system.

The book is written in an accessible and quite clear language. It will be useful to anyone who is interested in the Toyota production system and the concept of lean manufacturing.

Практика внедрения "бережливого производства" на промышленных предприятиях машиностроительного комплекса России



The Russian author book describes the introduction of lean manufacturing at one of the enterprises of the automotive industry. The book presents the main tools of lean manufacturing, the rules of implementation and methods of supporting the lean manufacturing system for enterprises with a mass production type.




Бережливое управление бережливым производством

This book offers a new look at the concept of lean manufacturing, namely, its application to enterprise management. The author calls this approach as a lean management. The book provides recommendations on the use of lean management in discrete production, in the office, in production assurance processes.

An important element of lean management is the involvement of all management units in the work on improving activities. The book describes how to attract managers at all levels to the introduction of lean manufacturing, provides numerous examples and descriptions of actions.

The book will be useful to managers of organizations and specialists involved in the implementation of lean manufacturing.

Внедрение бережливого производства. Практическое руководство по оптимизации бизнеса



This book is a good guide to implementing lean production principles. The sequence of actions and steps presented in the book make it possible to understand and implement the necessary changes in the work of the organization. The book also presents a set of methods and tools for continuous improvement of activities, solving emerging problems and necessary in the operation of a lean production system.



Бережливое производство. От слов к делу


This book is a continuation of the book "Eight Steps for Planning, Compiling and Supporting Lean Improvements" previously released by the authors. This edition is based on the work with the production company SIMS Holding, Inc. The book summarizes the experience of this company, provides examples of the introduction of lean manufacturing tools, and provides examples of documents.

The book will be useful to specialists and managers responsible for the introduction of lean manufacturing.

Бережливое производство программного обеспечения. От идеи до прибыли


This book talks about how lean manufacturing approaches can be applied to software development. The authors cite the experience of well-known companies, software developers, and give practical exercises on the implementation of lean manufacturing in the IT field. Also, the book pays attention to lean manufacturing methods, which have proven to be the most effective in software development processes.

This book will be useful for managers, project managers and specialists involved in software development, or employed in the IT area.

Дао Toyota. 14 принципов менеджмента ведущей компании мира

This is probably one of the most famous and popular books on lean manufacturing. The lean manufacturing system originated, developed and began to be successfully applied at Toyota factories. This book presents the company's development history, the basic principles of its activities and the success of the introduction of a new management principle. The book covers a 20-year period of observation and study of Toyota management philosophy.

This book will be useful to a wide range of readers from business leaders to university students.

Бережливый офис. Устранение потерь времени и денег

This book shows how the principles of lean production can be applied to arrange the office processes. This book includes the best lean manufacturing tools, such as 5S, kaizen, just-in-time, value stream mapping, etc. Forms, graphs, illustrations and tables are organized in such way that everyone can apply the recommendations from the book in the activities of their office. This book provides a step-by-step guide for planning and implementing administrative process improvements.

The book will be interest to managers and employees who want to improve the productivity and efficiency of their office.

5S для офиса. Как организовать эффективное рабочее место


This book is dedicated to one of the most effective tools of lean manufacturing – the 5S method. The book presents a step-by-step plan for the implementation of 5S in the work of office units. All actions (organization, ordering and standardization) are presented in a logical sequence. The recommendations presented in this book can be successfully applied in the office divisions of service enterprises: educational institutions, banks, insurance companies, consulting companies, etc.


Практика бережливого учета. Управленческий, финансовый учет и система отчетности на бережливых предприятиях


This book presents the application of lean manufacturing methods to management and financial accounting processes. It is give explanations how to change the organization's processes when implementing lean production. The materials of the book include detailed forms, diagrams and schemes that can be applied by employees of financial departments: financial directors, accountants, financial auditors and supervisors.